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Dura PEX Tubing

Dura PEX Tubing
Part #: 81-5010-1
Material: Dura PEX Tubing
ID x OD: 3/8” x .500”
Color: WHITE
Length: 100'
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Product Description

This tubing is processed through an electron beam in order to enhance the mechanical properties over conventional polyethylene. Dura-Pex is pliable and can be easily straightened after removal from the coil. Dura-Pex is chlorine resistant and has greater dimensional stability than other tubing. Dura-Pex requires fewer fittings than a traditional rigid plumbing system like copper and is easier to install. Operating Pressure Limits: Water: 160 PSI @ 73° F, 100 PSI @ 180° F & 80 PSI @ 200° F
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